February 2, 2023

Voice Translator All Language

Version: 2.4.0
File size: 17.38MB
Requires: Android 5.0+
Developer: Avi_App
Updated: April 29, 2022


Google Play

🌎🎤📷 It’s a voice translator free, that can translate voice, picture, photo, picture & text and has an integrated AI function. It’s fully replaces a live translator. It’s a portuguese, japanese, italian, russian, french, spanish translater, that includes more than 100 languages.

Language Translator

🟢 Benefits
✅ The free translation app is lightweight and has minimum technical requirements.
✅ It features a sleek layout and a user-friendly interface.
✅ It takes users a few seconds to figure out how this interpreter works.

Speak and Translate

1️⃣ The free translator app is speedy, so feel free to launch it right in the street or another public place for a quick casual dialogue.
2️⃣ You’ll perfectly understand what your interlocutor talks about and will be able to freely express yourself.
3️⃣ The app will help you get rid of the psychological barrier.

Text and Photo Translator

🟣 Dictionary
🟪 You may use this app as a dictionary as well. Just write or pronounce a word and you’ll see a list of its possible meanings.
🟪 The multi-language translation will be precise regardless of the topic of the conversation.

Speak in Translation

🟠 Functions
🟧 The voice translator app easily translates and recognizes voices from around the globe.
🟧 It recognizes two forms of input:

– Spoken phrases
– Phrases that you type

🟧 Even if it’s a rare African or Asian dialect, the service successfully handles the inquiry.
🟧 The single requirement to a spoken conversation is: a phrase should be audible enough.
🟧 If a live person manages to understand the sense of the speech, the automated service will do as well.

Camera Translator

🟤 Bonus
🟫 It feature lets you translate voice and text from images in almost all available languages in one click.
🟫 The app has a smart OCR feature which enables you to translate any text directly using the camera.
🟫 Language translator uses the latest algorithms for text detection means.
🟫 The voice translator free supports translation to more than 100 languages.

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